Millie wins Jack Petchey Award

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A Jack Petchey Achievement Award recognises the outstanding achievements of young people. This can include helping others, being a good role model, overcoming a challenge or breaking through a personal barrier. In KYDS, Jack Petchey Award Winners are chosen in an open nomination by the youth members, with no input from the Adult Team.

This November, Millie Sheldrick was chosen to receive a Jack Petchey Achievement Award by her fellow youth members. The award was then presented by past KYDS Jack Petchey Award Winners, Ellie, Olly and Lucy.

Some of the comments submitted about Millie during the nomination process are shown below:

  • Millie has been extremely helpful to younger/newer members in their acting and has been very hard working. She has a very good attitude for KYDS and for the show.
  • I think that Millie should be the winner because she’s tried really hard in KYDS recently and she is also a really good role model!
  • Millie should win this because she has been helping some new people who have come into KYDS and has grown in confidence.
  • I think Millie should win it because she has pushed her self with singing and dancing. Also her acting skills are getting better and better because she is working so hard!
  • ​Because she has been with KYDS for ages and is always there like always able to step in but with this show this is her second comedy duo part and she is so good and puts in so much effort and always has so much energy I hope this helps as she deserves to win because of how funny she is and gets into character so well

Congratulations Millie on your achievement and on receiving this fantastic recognition from your fellow youth members!

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