Magic Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

A mirror good enough for a Queen…

Our magic mirror was made for our production of Snow White to serve as the wicked Queen’s magic mirror. The actress playing the spirit of the mirror could clearly be seen behind the gauze, which was then removed easily when she needed to walk through.

About the mirror

The mirror is lightweight with a plain wooden frame and is 6ft tall and 2ft wide. The gauze is opaque until shone with a standard fresnel lantern, when the person behind then appears. The gauze is attached at the back with velcro which can be easily removed if the person behind needs to ‘leave’ the mirror.

Magic on stage

The mirror looks great on stage and many of our audience members were shocked when the spirit of the mirror suddenly appeared from behind! The frame of the mirror appears to change colour in different lights, helping the magical feel of the mirror.


​We are pleased to be able to hire this magic mirror to you for your coming production! As a charity ourselves, we know that meeting budgets is difficult, so we’ll keep costs as low as possible and much lower than companies.

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Please note that this item must must be collected and returned to Tiptree, Essex. We are unable to ship these items to you. A returnable deposit will be held for the duration of your hire, in accordance with our terms and conditions which you will be provided with.

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