Stage Management Roles at KYDS

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KYDS is currently searching for individuals with some experience of stage management to fulfil certain roles and help with future KYDS productions. These roles would be on an entirely voluntary basis.

More information about the roles can be found below. Please email if you are interested or would like further details.

The Stage Management Team acts is responsible for the smooth running of all performances and to prevent anything from adversely affecting the production. They are the keystone of the production, bringing together the artistic process happening in the rehearsal room and the physical building, assembling and making happening outside of the rehearsal room.

The State Management Team is at the heart of the production and will work closely with the creative and design teams leading up to the production.

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager has overall responsibility for the running of the show. The SM manages everyone on the stage, coordinates the scene changes and all those backstage. Takes cues from the DSM.

Deputy Stage Manager (DSM)

The DSM plays a vital role in the rehearsal as well as the performance process and will usually be the most familiar with the show. The DSM:

  • Attends all rehearsals
  • Notes down decisions made by the Director and communicates these to the crew
  • Marks out the stage during rehearsals
  • Cues the show (tells actors, crew and tech when to ‘go’)

Assistant Stage Manager (ASM)

The ASM is responsible for ‘running the wings’ which usually involves helping to move props and scenery, operating smoke machines, opening and closing the curtains etc. The ASM takes their cues from the DSM and is responsible to the Stage Manager.  The ASM may sometimes have additional responsibilities, such as helping to source props. 

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