Splurge Guns for hire in Essex

Reporter 2: Do you know where the guns are coming from, Lieutenant?

O’Dreary: Eh, I’m not at liberty to say. You’ll have to ask Captain Smolsky that question.

Splurge Gun

Let the custard pies fly!

Splurge guns are an integral part of Bugsy Malone, so you’ll want to get them right. These splurge guns were made for our production of Bugsy Malone in 2011 and are extremely high quality.

How they work

We currently have 9 lightweight wooden splurge guns available for hire which fit inside 2 boxes marked with ‘SPLURGE INC’.

The guns are fitted with a splurge can (bought separately*) which is covered in black tape. Actors simply push the can up into the gun in order to fire it.

These splurge guns are high quality and regularly painted and maintained, so they look fantastic on stage!

Splurge Gun
Splurge Guns in crate


We are delighted to be able to hire these splurge guns out to you for your production of Bugsy Malone! The guns can be hired and collected from us in Tiptree, Essex, or delivered to you by courier.

As a charity ourselves, we know that budgets can be tight, so we’ll keep costs as low as possible and much lower than companies.

Please fill out the form below for a competitive quote.

* We do not stock the splurge cans that fit into these guns, however we are able to provide you with details of where suitable cans may be purchased.

KYDS is able to ship these items to you at an additional cost for which you will be charged. A returnable deposit will be held for the duration of your hire, in accordance with our terms and conditions which you will be provided with.

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