Directors: Alexandra Berriman, Marcus Churchill Choreographer: Aimee Smith, MD: Marcelina Mochalska, Plus Assistants
Performed in Tolleshunt Knights Village Hall on 13th June 2009 (Matinee)

It is always nice to be in at the start of something new and I was pleased to be able to attend the first production of this newly formed group, affiliated to NODA in April this year. Dracula Spec. is an extravaganza in which a young teacher takes three pupils to Transylvania for a history lesson to learn about the extraordinary life (life??) of Dracula and his acolytes. A company of 30 performers had the pick of paying air hostesses, brides of Dracula, village idiots, zombies plus many principal parts, and for a new group with only half having previous stage experience there were some very good characterisations. Hannah Willingale played Nadia, the teacher finding more than she bargained for. Jack Vanson gave us a very good Dracula, and Peter Greenwood’s portrayal of Genghis was splendid with his “trainee Dalek” style voice! Wraith, Dracula’s mother, played by Rachel Shortland was everywhere and looked nice – but wasn’t!

Good performances too came from Bradley Cole as a calm and soothing Father O’Stake, plus Carlos Martinez as Hans, and Jenny Hayward as Gretel, though these two should have been made up to look older. Jon Beales came across well as Dr. Nick as did Daniel Carr as Landau. Leon Kennedy played the intrepid Pilot, Sophie Morton and Shaunna Lynch were the two female pupils Julie and Kelly, and Marshall Tonge as the other pupil, Elvis, delivered some very effective sidelines to the audience. Scenery was simple but effective and well made, costumes were up to the mark, lighting was adequate though the in situ installation was minimal. Sound was also a bit variable with keyboard accompaniment OK, but backing track items overloud.

I strongly suspect that the rehearsal period for this first show was probably shorter than needed, but was nevertheless a good achievement, with good prospects of more to come. Congratulations to all those involved, including those adult supporters in the background.

Report by John Warburton Regional Councillor

Dear All,

I was only able to come to the first performance of “Dracula Spectacular” on the opening night – Friday. Having seen the rehearsals leading up to it I was a little bit apprehensive as to the quality of the performance. I need not have worried. You all put everything you had into it and gave a first class performance. I enjoyed it so much that had I been able to, I would have come to every performance.

I have always felt that the standard by which any performance should be judged is to listen to the audience. They loved every minute of it. Looking around I could see smiling, happy faces. Their applause at the appropriate times was given spontaneously and with genuine pleasure.

I am not saying that this production was perfect. It wasn’t! That would be a bad thing because it would mean that you couldn’t get any better. I know you can and will. Each and every one of you, cast and crew, did your best at the time. This was a great ‘curtain raiser’ for KYDS, and people will have left the hall knowing that here is a group of young people who are going on to even greater performances in the future.

I can’t wait to see what is going to be the next production, because I know that whatever you do it will be better than the last one. You have all set a very high standard and this means that you will have to work even harder in the future.

Well done everyone and the very best of luck for the next production.

Ray Banks



Director Alexandra Berriman
Assistant Director Marcus Churchill
Musical Director Marcelina Mochalska
Choreography Elise and Jordana Golbourn
Stage Managers Marcus Churchill and Aimee Smith
Set Design Alexandra Berriman
Technical Team Brian Knight, Clive French
Front of House James Stocker
Publicity and Programme Marcus Churchill
Box Office and Administration James Stocker
Ticket Printing Ray Banks
Photography Aimee Smith and James Stocker


Scrub Amy Hawkes
Scratch Leon Kennedy
Riff Emily Carr
Raff Rebecca Shortland
Boots Erica Cridland
Dregs Ella Vanson
Booze Jodie Cole
Landau Adam Dyster
Dr Nick Jon Beales
Father O’Stake Bradley Cole
Wraith Rachel Shortland
Dracula Jack Vanson
Frau Fretel Jenny Hayward
Herr Hans Carlos Martinez
Elvis Marshall Tonge
Julie Sophie Morton
Kelly Shaunna Lynch
Miss Nadia Naive Hannah Willingale
The Pilot Leon Kennedy
Hostess 2 Charlotte Hood
Hostess 1 Katy Hood
Air Hostess Jess Dawkins
Air Hostess Amy Willis
Air Hostess Katie Wollington